Care Instructions

Hello, Resort Royalty! Your swimsuit is ready to soak up the sun and make waves. Here's how to treat it like the VIP it is:

1. Dive into Delicate Handwashing:

Gently wash your swimwear in cool water with a touch of TLC (that's tender loving care) – think of it as a spa day for your suit!

2. Line 'Em Up and Dry 'Em Off:

Hang those beauties out to dry, but not in the blazing spotlight of the sun. They prefer a spot in the shade, stretched out on a lounge chair of their own.

3. Skip the Bleach and Iron Show:

Bleach and iron are not on the guest list for your swimwear's VIP party. They like to keep things cool, so leave the hot stuff behind.

Splash, swim, and sizzle in style, knowing your swimwear's got your back... or front! Enjoy the resort life, you trendsetter, you!