Not just a Summer Fling

Our swimwear was made to last for more than one Summer or one vacation. How you care for it will not only impact the life of each piece, but the planet too.

We make our swimsuits using high quality, recycled fabrics that make use of the millions of tons of post-consumer plastics polluting our planet, and have the perfect combination of softness and support. Follow our Care Guide to maintain the fit and color of your swimsuit.


Our Eco-Minded Wash and Care Guide - For your Swimsuit and the Earth

When you wash anything made from a synthetic fiber (even if it's recycled), it unfortunately sheds microfibers that can become pollutants when they make their way from the washing machine into rivers and oceans. We have a long way to go until we are perfect, but in the meantime, we can be better - here are our environmentally-conscious tips on how to care for your swimwear.


Rinse and Repeat

Rinse (or lightly soak up to 30 mins) your swimsuit in cold water after each wear to reduce the microfibers shed during washing, even if you don't go in the water. Sunscreens contain ingredients that can be damaging to the fabric and can lead to the eventual breakdown of the material and chlorine makes your colors susceptible to fading.


Wash This Way

Always handwash your swimwear in cold water as soon as possible after wearing using laundry soaps made specifically for swimwear. After you've rinsed, add a small cap full of a gentle eco-friendly soap specifically formulated for swim fabrics (see our suggestions below) Gently massage the soapy water through the entire suit and rinse thoroughly in cold water until all soap is gone.


High and Dry

Hang dry your swimsuit to maintain the shape and elasticity of your swimwear (and skip the greenhouse gas emissions released by dryers) Avoid direct sunlight and lay your suits flat in a cool, dry place. While it may be tempting, you should never wring out your swimsuit, as doing so may damage the spandex fibers.


Rotate Your Swim Wardrobe

Wait until your suit is completely dry before wearing again to keep its shape. If you're lucky enough to be in a situtation where you can't wait until your swimsuit is dry between swims, make sure you have a couple on rotation. (Also good for mixing it up in photos)


In Another Life

When you're ready to say goodbye to your swimsuit, give it a proper send off without adding to the landfill crisis.

Google 'textile recycling' to find a location in your area that accepts clothing donations. Used fabrics are sent to facilities to be sorted into different grades, and material that is not suitable for reuse will go to recycling markets to be used as wiping rags or shredded for low grade fiber products such as insulation.


To keep your swimsuit in it's best form, avoid these don’ts:

Don’t soak a swimsuit overnight. This can loosen fibers.

Don’t let a swimsuit dry directly in the sun. This may cause fading.

Don’t put a swimsuit in the dryer. The heat weakens the elasticity of the spandex. This is the same reason why you shouldn’t wear your favorite bikini in a Jacuzzi.

Don’t hang a swimsuit on a metal rod to dry. Hanging can alter the shape of the garment, while the metal rod could leave a rust mark that’s impossible to get out.

Don’t sit on rough surfaces while wearing a swimsuit. The concrete beside the pool or wood from the lounge chairs may snag the swimsuit material. Always lay down a towel before you sit.

Don't keep your suit balled up for extended periods of time—especially if it's still wet