Dana Richards' greatest mission is to serve... she is a philanthropist, breast cancer survivor, fashion designer, television producer & butterfly. Her 15-year television career culminated with Dana creating and serving as Executive Producer for the Food Network's "Ace of Cakes", TLC's "Bride by Design", & SyFy's "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen". In 2017, she launched Malibu Dana active-wear line to help breast cancer patients by donating a portion of proceeds from every purchase to various charities she works closely with as a volunteer, ambassador, committee member, advisory board member, & board of director.

As a 12-year breast cancer survivor, she is deeply committed to helping other breast cancer patients and she is a fierce advocate for early detection.Malibu Dana serves on the Board of Advisors for The Breast Cancer Fundraiser (The BCF), and collaborates closely with the Dr Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.  The Breast Cancer Fundraiser (The BCF) was the first charity to give Dana a beautiful platform to find her voice again, when she felt she had lost it after completing treatment. The BCF continues to send gifts of love to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in need, to let them know they are not alone, and to help preserve their dignity during treatment. The Dr Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research is working tirelessly to help eradicate breast cancer once and for all. 

Dana feels blessed to work with these worthy causes that speak to her butterfly heart and which give her wings to flutter and fly.Malibu Dana (as most people refer to her these days - or as "Butterfly") feels this beautiful ripple effect behind her at every turn. They say that a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can cause a hurricane in Florida. Her most meaningful collection, “Butterfly Strong”, came from wanting to help breast cancer patients know they aren’t alone… everyone has a story, and everyone has endured hardship. In essence- everyone is a butterfly. The metamorphosis, the resurrection, the rising, the becoming Butterfly, & the understanding of the power of good – and that her destined mission on this planet is to serve, have given her wings to fly. Ultimately it comes down to showing strength & perseverance in the face of adversity, advocating for what you believe in, and spreading joy and hope, wherever you can.

Together we can generate powerful forces of change- and make this world a better place. That is the meaning behind the words Butterfly Strong… it’s the Malibu Dana philosophy… it's caring about something greater than yourself, being part of something bigger than all of us, and serving this beautiful planet and all its humanity every single day. With gratitude for every day and every breath... her passion for life is what most defines her spirit, and she promises to continue play her part by helping and inspiring others.