As seen In Snap Taste | Eco-friendly swimwear collection from California-based brand Swiminista

Swiminista is a California-based luxury and ecofriendly swimwear brand, designed by Rock & Republic co-founder Andréa Bernholtz. Concerned about the environmental impact of traditional swimwear manufacturing, Andréa Bernholtz developed an innovative women’s swim collection made to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint while offering tailored fits that inspire confidence. Swimnista’s swimwear features nylon fabric made from post-consumer plastics, complete with fully adjustable, personalized fits in sizes A-DD.

Recently, Swiminista collaborated with the House of Christian Lacroix to develop a haute couture-inspired swim line. Ever since the creation of the couture house in 1987, Christian Lacroix style is unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque. Bernholtz initially connected with The House of Christian Lacroix in her role as Co-founder and President at Rock & Republic. When she discovered that they were open to collaborations, she flew to Paris to propose a partnership with Swiminista.

In addition to the collaboration, the brand also has a selection of mix-and-match tops, leopard print, black metallics, and classic black. On the website, users can select their ideal style and enter details about their jeans and bra sizes to find the right suit to complement their unique body. Select styles are priced between $92 and $198 a piece on