As seen in The Garnette Report - Andréa Bernholtz Is Here For All The Women

As seen in The Garnette Report - Andréa Bernholtz Is Here For All The Women

Andréa Bernholtz is the founder of SWIMINISTA, a women-led fashion brand focused on swimsuits and beachwear. Andréa’s products are for both girls and women, catering to a wide range of bodies and likes.

Made from luxury recycled materials, the bikinis, tops, and bottoms at SWIMINISTA are a great mix and match of cool yet classic vibes that any woman can easily relate to. Some more playful, other more conservative-looking, these products satisfy a vibrant clientele.

To The Garnette Report, she tells us her history, how she was able to build this part of her admirable empire, and much more insights that only a momtrepreneur can share.

You’re not a total stranger in the fashion world. You’ve co-founded Rock and Republic and you’ve gained lots of experience from that. What kind of skills have you acquired from that opportunity?

I gained a lifetime of knowledge from my Rock & Republic days, there are so many little ways to create better fitting and looking garments with little nuances in the sewing and fitting, companies usually don’t take the time or money to experiment and go against the norm when creating new styles.

What does sustainability mean to you and why is it important for your brand?

It is very important to me to be environmentally conscious on a personal level and it reflects onto my brand. Swiminista uses materials made from recycled post consumer plastics such as plastic bottles, our packaging is made from recycled and compostable materials. If were going to swim in our ocean and be outdoors and breath fresh air then we need to do what we can to do our part to stop causing so much damage to the earth.

What was the most enjoyable part of creating this project with Christian Lacroix?

Wow the collaberation with Christian Lacroix is incredible, the catalog of gorgeous colorful prints is enormous, its such an honour to share a label, and also incredibly difficult  to decide on which prints to use, as I want to use them all.


On your site, we can read the following words: “Our greatest joy is to give women the confidence, comfort and empowerment that they truly deserve.” How do you think SWIMINISTA is able to achieve this goal? Is it through its materials, its ethical message, or something more?

Swiminista spends a great deal of time researching with real women what they look for in there swimwear, and we have listened to them and created styles that adjust to achieve a more personalized fit, as well adding in extra support and design tricks to enhance the body, making women feel less exposed.


What women in your own life were able to inspire you to produce these creations of yours?

So many women in my life inspired me, I was with a few friends in Mexico and we were all complaining about our swimwear not feeling or fitting well, and since I had come from the fashion industry they had all asked me to create something for them.


These fruity and flirty swimsuits are the perfect items for a romantic-honey-moon-kind-of vacation, but they can still be worn by other women with families, and amazing single women. What women in your own life were able to inspire you to produce these creations of yours?

You can find Andrea’s creation here.

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