Swininista: Inclusive Luxury Swimwear

Swininista: Inclusive Luxury Swimwear

Because every body is a bikini body.


Luxury Fashion with a Body-Positive Mission

Swiminista was launched with the intention of creating sustainable and luxurious swimwear for real women with real bodies. We saw a lack of swimsuit options that supported and moved with the body without sacrificing style, and thus, Swiminista was born.


Each aspect of Swiminista swimwear is expertly designed and created with real women in mind, designed to be as functional as they are luxurious, supportive and flattering to each curve of the body.


Say good-bye to the dreaded “sideboob”, straps that just don’t hold up, and suits that fit a bit too tight here while fitting a bit too loose there, while looking more like a sports bra than a sexy piece of swimwear.


All Swiminista suits are designed to lift, support, flatter, and wow, available in all sizes ranging from XS to XL and all cup sizes up to DD. We designed swimwear that provides maximum support while remaining effortlessly chic.

Body Positive and Eco-Friendly

Not only are we on a mission to provide inclusive and supportive swimwear for all body types; we’re also on a mission to take a stand against plastic pollution and put the materials to sustainable use.


It’s currently estimated that 80 percent of the plastic water bottles bought worldwide end up in landfills or our oceans. Each water bottle takes about 1,000 years to fully decompose, and as they do so, they leak toxic chemicals into our earth.


Here at Swiminista, we’re taking a stand against the pollution of our beautiful earth and putting recycled plastics to use:


Each piece of Swiminista luxury swimwear is completely made up of 100% recycled materials fabricated from post-consumer plastic bottles.


The Swiminista Stylized Fit Guide

We get it; buying clothes online can be tough, but buying a swimsuit online? Forget about it.


That’s why we designed a personalized and detailed size guide to help you find your perfect fit, every time.


The Swiminista stylized fit guide takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect fit online, asking a series of targeted questions that will present you with the size that will best fit you.


With the craziness in the world today surrounding COVID-19, it can be difficult and in some cases impossible to try on suits in stores. Most online size guide leave a lot to be desired, offering little to no help in finding the size that will best suit and fit your body.


The fit guide provides a safe and smart solution that allows you to find your perfect fit while staying safe in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the guesswork and allowing you to find your perfect fit with just a few clicks.


A Fresh Approach to Swimwear

We pride ourselves on taking a fresh and sensible approach to luxury swimwear. No matter where you’re headed to soak up some sun, if you’re in a Swiminista suit, you can bet that you’ll look and feel absolutely incredible!


To browse our extensive inventory of luxurious and sustainable swimwear, click here.


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