Swiminista: Luxury Sustainable Swimwear

Swiminista: Luxury Sustainable Swimwear

Here at Swiminista, we strongly believe that good swim fashion does not have to come at a price; it does not have to be made using environmentally-harmful materials or practices.


How Swiminista is Revolutionizing the Swimwear Industry

It is currently estimated that at least 8 million tons-yes, tons- of plastic end up in our planet’s beautiful oceans each year. It is also estimated that plastic waste currently makes up 80% of all marine debris. This is a massive mistake on the part of all of mankind, but we believe that it is a mistake that can be made right, and where there is a will, there is a way; it is with great pride that we share that all Swiminista designs and products are made from luxury recycled fabric that elegantly and intelligently makes use of the millions of tons of plastic waste that pollute our oceans.


Tackling the plastic debris that plagues our oceans of course will not be an easy feat, but each swimsuit we sell helps make a difference in the fight to ensure that we can protect and enjoy our planet.


The Perfect Suit

Swiminista’s founder, Andréa Bernholtz, has been a lifelong advocate for recycling and environmental protection and clean-up. She regularly organizes beach clean-ups, which she enjoys completing with the help of her daughter and her local community. She came upon the idea for Swiminista while vacationing with a group of friends and discussing how generally disappointing the options for sexy, supportive swimwear for women are. No matter how many suits you buy, it’s pretty rare to come across a suit that looks and feels perfect.


Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and that’s exactly what Andréa did.

The launch of Swiminista was meant to serve as a revolutionary approach to swimwear; luxurious, beautiful designs that complement the body beautifully, are designed to provide constant support where its needed, stay in place, and are completely made up of recycled, eco-friendly materials.


Enough was enough: no more disappointing swimwear that provides little-to-no support and fails to make the statement you’re looking for. It’s time for swimwear to feel incredible, look amazing, and help the environment.


We’re looking to change the way the world looks at swimwear and caring for our beautiful planet, one gorgeous, luxurious, and environmentally-friendly swim suit at a time. We’re excited to help you start your journey to finding the perfect suit for you. For more information about us, our mission, or to browse our extensive collection of beautiful and luxurious swim wear, visit https://www.swiminista.com/.

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