Try at home

Eliminate the soul-destroying swimwear shopping experience. 

Navigate your way through what has traditionally been a painful and dreaded shopping journey with our Try At Home solution. Choose your favorite swimsuits to try on in the safety zone of your own home, and only pay for what you keep.

try it out

how does it work?

Step 1:

Select your favorite SWIMINISTA suits and "Add to Cart"

Select "Try At Home" as your Shipping Method. You won't pay for any of the swimsuits yet, but a small concierge fee will be charged.

We'll send you your selections ASAP.

Step 2:

Have fun with them at home, fall in love and return whatever doesn't work out for you within 7 days. Remember to leave all the tags and protective packaging in tact.

Step 3:

Only pay for what you keep. You will be charged for the styles you keep at the end of the 7 day Try At Home period.

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