If we had to play favorites, the Clever Bottom has to be on our list of must-haves. Engineered and vigorously wear-tested to make sure nothing digs in, this design gives the perfect medium coverage and the partially roughed back sculpts and lifts. The easy to adjust side design detail offers personalized fit, so you can say goodbye to bottoms that cut in and don't look smooth on body, and hello to your most comfortable, and flattering bottom ever.

Made with eco-minded recycled nylon created from recycled plastic bottles
Made for Movement

Escape the changeroom and select this style as part of your Try At Home Kit.

See our Stylized Fit Guide.  Find your perfect fit.

  • Adjustable side design detail for personalized fit
  • Low cut waist and leg to flatter around the hips
  • Sculpting ruching design detail at back
  • Medium bikini coverage
  • Styled with Grateful Top

Style: Classic Mid Bottom

Colors: Black, Red, White, Scarf

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