As seen on Woman in Retail I A delightful swimsuit shopping Experience

As seen on Woman in Retail  I  A delightful swimsuit shopping Experience


In this episode of woman in retail talks, woman in retail leadership circle senior content strategist Ashley Chairadio interviewed our Founder, CEO and design director of Swiminista.
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Listen in as Bernholtz discusses her career history, including her time at Rock & Republic; what inspired her to found Swiminista; and why creating adjustable and eco-friendly swimsuits was so important to her.

Bernholtz shares what makes Swiminista different from other e-commerce swim brands, details the brand’s Try At Home purchase option, and offers insights into the company’s retail partnerships with resorts around the world. Bernholtz explains how every aspect of the company is eco-conscious, from product fabric and liners to packaging; how the company had to pivot during the coronavirus pandemic; and why the brand has redesigned its website and launched a detailed fit guide. She discusses how she’s stayed motivated during the pandemic, how Swiminista created fashionable facemasks that match its swimwear, and how mentorship is essential to her professional growth.

California native Andréa Bernholtz is the serial “mompreneur” and fashion powerhouse behind the eco-conscious Swiminista brand. Known for co-founding the luxury denim line Rock & Republic in 2002, she helped to transform the company into a celebrity favorite and globally recognized name offering cosmetics, accessories and clothing. In 2015, Bernholtz became the CEO of Titan Industries, adding high-fashion footwear to her resume. Her latest venture features chic swimwear that combines her love of fashion, swimming and the environment. When Bernholtz isn’t perfecting the Swiminista line, she can be found spending time with her daughter or sharing industry insights with various publications, including US Weekly’s “Fashion Police.” Passionate about the planet, Bernholtz also regularly coordinates community beach cleanups and gives time to organizations working to protect the environment, such as Heal the Bay, Oceania, and The Galapagos Conservancy.

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