As seen on NUDE Magazine | The Best In Sustainable Swimwear

Every entrepreneur's journey is unique, but certain success principles feel universal. Many of these lessons are learned through blood, sweat, and tears on the road toward building an established business. Smart entrepreneurs seek such wisdom from those farther along the path, enabling them to sidestep some of the most common pitfalls and increase their odds of success. 

Andréa Bernholtz, former founder of Rock & Republic and current CEO of SWIMINISTA, an eco-conscious swimwear line designed for flawless fit and comfort - confesses her secrets to success:

  • Be present and passionate - Take ownership of the process, and be sure to labor with a passion your customers can feel!

  • Know your market - Get to know your competition, so you can make educated decisions about where you need to go. Take responsibility for mistakes and successes.

  • Nurture creativity - This skill is essential for solving problems, meeting objectives, making day-to-day decisions, and managing your team fairly.