The Power of the Little Black Bathing Suit

The Power of the Little Black Bathing Suit

Here at Swiminista, we believe in the power of self love. Armed with self-confidence and a can-do attitude, you’re capable of anything.  Let’s talk about what the iconic Little Black Bathing Suit can do for you.

Celebrating Self Love

Swiminista was created with one common idea in mind; every woman is beautiful, and is worthy of absolutely owning their beauty and confidence - wherever they go, whatever they do and whatever they choose to wear. 

You’ve probably heard of the power of the LBD (Little Black Dress) - slip that bad boy on for a date night or night out with your girlfriends, and you’re guaranteed to look (and feel) like a million bucks. Why not invest in a bathing suit that gives you that same assurance and fearless self love? 

Let’s face it - it’s easy to feel vulnerable in swimwear. Even the most confident of us have had our moments when heading out to the beach or pool; after all, we’re only human. Here at Swiminista, we believe in the power of well-designed swimwear. Dive into a well-designed suit that complements your body, and you can kiss any insecurities goodbye.

Swiminista’s Little Black Bathing Suit

The Little Black Bathing Suit is designed to complement most every  body type. We recently asked four women with different body types to rock our “Cheerful” one-piece in black, and they looked just as amazing as we knew they would. Each suit looked like it was specially made for each one of our amazing models, hugging every curve and accentuating their assets.

The Cheerful suit is designed to provide a chic, sexy and classy look, featuring a tasteful low-cut V and just a peek of cheek. Equipped with our custom Power mesh lining, it gives lift and support exactly where you need it. Adjustable ties in both the front and back allow you to customize and personalize your fit.

We took the basic one-piece swimsuit and perfected it to create the perfect Little Black Bathing Suit.

The power of the Little Black Bathing Suit continues beyond our Cheerful one-piece. We have a wide range of suits that are available in sexy and chic black- check it out here.

Swiminista: Sustainable Luxury Swimwear

All Swiminista suits are made up of 100% recycled materials, taken from recycled post-consumer plastic that would otherwise be polluting our beautiful oceans.

Stylish and comfortable luxury swimwear that’s also good for our beautiful planet: we’d like to think it’s just common sense.

To find your perfect fit, use our online stylized fit guide. It takes you through a series of questions to help find your personalized fit; avoid the  guesswork and  hassle of having to send back pieces that don’t fit.

To browse the rest of our extensive Collection of luxurious and sustainable swimwear, click here

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